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Ryslig Info

1st changeneed for water | began 8/29/14, was noticeable 9/2/14
2nd changeGills | 9/2/14
3rd changeHeightened Senses| 9/19/14
4th changeFins forming, Webbed fingers and toes | 10/4/14
5th changeFish tail in deep water | 11/3/14
6th changeNeed to feed on human energy | 12/11/14
coinscurrent: 42 | spent: 20

Physical Description: Legolas is a fully transformed merperson. Gills on either side of his neck, small fins behind his ears, fins and scales on his arms and legs, webbed fingers and toes, and a fishtail in deep water.

He has also gained the "hunger instinct" which is a need to drown people and feed on their energy.

Current Location: Bavan

Current Status: as of March - After having his heart cut out for the Valentine's sacrifice, He's coming to terms with the fact (in his understanding) that he's fully corrupted and unable to go to The Halls of Mandos upon his death. He's also dealing with the idea that he's inherited his father's crown, and wants desperately to go back to Arda to lead his people, though he'll be forever called by the Sea. He's in a rough place.

Game-verse Clothing: Click

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Tikbalang purchase record:
October 2014 - His bow & quiver with arrows - 10 Aug, + 10 Sept = 20