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Leave your HMD comments here. Please note that I might not respond to them, but they will be read and I will take them into consideration. All comments are screened.

Things to keep in mind:

StE: Liam is very different from Legolas, but as he grows he will become more like his former self. However, he will always retain some "Liam-ness" and screw up from time to time.

Ryslig: My Legolas is a book and film mix. If you're not familiar with the books, he might appear to do something strange (like singing), or be a little more emotional. He's also affected by sea-longing (rather badly, at this canon point), which was not shown in the films. In a very simple explanation for the canon-blind, sea-longing is a strong desire to make a journey across the sea to a sort of Elf afterlife or heaven. The nature of the game makes it difficult to show the "lighter" sides of him. Having sea-longing and being a merperson is a bad combo as well.

Book!Canon and Film!Canon sometimes contradict each other (and hell, the films alone even contradict each other), which means I have to be creative with personality and facts (though mostly events and dates) to reconcile the differences.