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Extended Abilities Section

The Application asked for conciseness, however, if more clarity is needed, I have a breakdown of his Elvish abilities here.

Elven Sight:: Enhanced Eyesight, See longer distances, and better in the dark.

Elven Hearing:: Enhanced Hearing.

Elven Agility/Lightfootedness:: Elves are more agile than humans, and have a cat-like grace. They leave very little imprint on the ground as they walk, and can easily walk over snow without sinking into it

Agelessness:: Elves do not age, due to immortality.

Immunity:: Elves "do not suffer sickness," They can, however, be poisoned or magically influenced to render them unwell.

Elven Stamina:: Elves have a greater stamina so that they can endure traveling long distance with little food or rest.

Elven Reverie:: They do not require traditional sleep, only a restful meditative state.

Elven Vitality:: Elves are "hard and resistant to hurt," so that they do not need as much clothing to protect themselves against the elements as humans. They also are quicker to heal from injury, and may survive injuries that would normally kill a human.

Elven supernatural senses:: Elves can sense when something decidedly evil or tainted is about - however they might not be able to pinpoint it. (They also have a certain level of Telepathy that is not clearly defined, as an Elf it is implied that Legolas has the potential for this ability, but (arguably) he does not display it in canon. As such, I will not be using the telepathic portion of this ability.)

Affinity for Nature/Animals:: The ability to commune with nature/animals in a supernatural/magical way. They can sense the mood of trees and the environment in general, and Elves can communicate with at least some animals - horses would be one example. I will be going with movie-verse's more vague approach with nature/animal communication, more of a feeling than words.)