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StE Info Post

Name: Liam Brendon Benedict :: Legolas
Age: 21

Appearance: 5'11" blonde & blue eyed. Long hair, usually tied back. He prefers to dress casually, and entirely in Eco-friendly clothes. Most of the time these are normal looking, but he has some more obviously "tree-huggy" pieces as well.

Occupation: Data entry at Rain Industries: Environmentally Sustainable Urban Planning and Investment Firm. They have locations in NYC, Seattle, Washington, and smaller locations in Paris, France, and London, England.

Current Location: Las Vegas, Erebor area.

Full Application: Clicky.


1 large estate house in the woods surrounding Locke City. Family owns the surrounding 2 miles as well, private property. (Family owned, Liam gets to live there and look after the property.)
1 large flat/condo in a ritzy city high-rise (Currently where Ariel lives, rent free for looking after Liam's Uncle's cats.)

Pets: Lumberjack, a fluffy corgi. He was also given the responsibility of watching his Uncle Teagan's four cats, which he passed on to Ariel to watch.

- - - - -

*Dates are approval dates, not IC usage.

Echoes Received:

ECHO 1 :: Memory :: Upon seeing the pink light over Las Vegas via news on television, Liam remembers a plain gold ring on a carved stone table, that makes him feel uneasy.

ECHO 2 :: Physical :: Seeing Ariel's pointed ears causes Liam's ears to begin to point. (4/14)

ECHO 3 :: Memory :: Upon discussing Dwarves and Ariel's memory of imprisoning Killian, Liam remembers imprisoning some Dwarves (Does not remember specific Dwarves) (4/20)

ECHO 4 :: Mental :: Liam gains Sea-longing; an innate desire in Elves to Sail into the West to the Undying Lands. (This will manifest as an intense desire to go "someplace" in a westward direction, without knowing where or what that someplace is, and a feeling of wistfulness.) (PLOT ECHO 6/11)

ECHO 5 :: Mental :: Protective feelings towards Ariel, after this conversation with Killian, when he mentions dating her. (6/18)

ECHO 6 :: Mental :: Negative feelings towards Dwarves, after this conversation with Ariel, when she asks about his opinion on Dwarves. (6/27)

ECHO 7 :: Ability :: Spoken Sindarin (Unable to read/write), after Ariel speaks Sindarin to him (7/2)

ECHO 8 :: Item :: Longbow of the Galadhrim, after holding Ariel's bow. (Does not know how to use it) (7/2)

ECHO 9 :: Ability :: Animal communication (Understanding Only) which is a general feeling, without words, of the thoughts/intentions/feelings of the animal. After this conversation with Torin in which Liam speaks to someone who was originally an animal. (7/8)

ECHO 10 :: Memory :: Ariel's former self's title as "Captain of the Guard." after this conversation.

ECHO 11 :: Mental :: Elven reverence/fixation for the stars. After this conversation in which Gabriel and Ariel mention their feelings about stars. (8/1)

ECHO 12 :: Memory :: Knowing that he has "sea-longing," but not details about it. After this conversation in which Ariel describes what Liam is feeling by "longing" (8/1)

ECHO 13 :: Memory :: Memory of the Balrog encounter in Moria. Remembers the Balrog itself, and someone falling to their death, but not who. (PLOT ECHO 8/8)

ECHO 14 :: TIER 2 :: Item + Ability :: After Fighting the Mafia with a dagger Liam receives Legolas' long knives and the skill to use them. (8/8)

ECHO 15 :: Memory :: After tasting athelas, Liam remembers what athelas is used for and how it's prepared.

ECHO 16 :: Memory :: After This conversation with Gabriel where he mentioned to Liam there there is a mountain in Vegas, it might have a dragon in it, and Thorir (Who Liam already knows to be a Dwarf) wants to claim it. Liam remembers a piece of the Orc interrogation. Specifically this exchange:

Orc: The Dwarf runt will never be king.
Legolas: King? There is no king under the mountain nor will there ever be. None would enter Erebor whilst the dragon lives.
Orc: You know nothing, your world will burn.

He remembers holding a knife to the Orc (does not know the word "Orc"), and interrogating it. Does not remember who else was in the room at the time, or any more specifics of that conversation.(9/1)

ECHO 17 :: Memory :: After Julien mentions that Liam would look good in a flower crown, Liam remembers that someone important to him wore a crown of flowers. Does not know who the person is, or what their relationship was, just that he was important. (9/14)

ECHO 18 :: Memory :: After this discussion with Ariel about sex and marriage, Liam remembers that to Elves, sex = marriage. (9/14)

ECHO 19 :: TIER 2 :: Memory :: Liam remembers the side by side conversation with Gimli, as well as Gimli's name. (PLOT ECHO 9/26)

ECHO 20 :: Mental :: After spending some time in Erebor in LV, Liam echos back Legolas' dislike of places very deep underground. (9/26)

ECHO 21 :: Memory :: After hearing Author's sad song of the sea, Liam remembers the tune and lyrics to Legolas's song of the sea: (10/3)

To the Sea, to the Sea! The white gulls are crying,
The wind is blowing, and the white foam is flying.
West, west away, the round sun is falling.
Grey ship, grey ship, do you hear them calling,
The voices of my people that have gone before me?
I will leave, I will leave the woods that bore me;
For our days are ending and our years failing.
I will pass the wide waters lonely sailing.
Long are the waves on the Last Shore falling,
Sweet are the voices in the Lost Isle calling,
In Eressëa, in Elvenhome that no Man can discover,
Where the leaves fall not: land of my people for ever!

ECHO 22 :: TIER 2 :: Ability :: Elven sight and hearing (PLOT ECHO 10/6)

ECHO 23 :: Memory :: : Seeing Octavia's post where she mentions that her eye injury was due to a "war wound," Liam remembers that someone important to him was blind in one eye due to a war wound. (Realizes that this is the same person that wears the flower crown from echo 17)

ECHO 24 :: Memory :: After asking for name suggestions, and getting both "Leaf" and "Green" as options, Liam remembers that his name was "Legolas" which translates to "Greenleaf"

ECHO 25 :: Memory :: After Killian mentions the name "Gandalf" Liam remembers that Gandalf was the guy who was killed by the Balrog (echo 13). with a vague sense of "I liked him and was sad when he died."

ECHO 26 :: TIER 2 :: Ability + Item :: Legolas's skills in archery, plus his Lothlorien quiver w/arrows (PLOT ECHO Pink light over Lappland)

ECHO 27 :: TIER 2 :: Memory :: The knowledge that his father was a king, and called "The Elvenking" (PLOT ECHO Pink light over Christmas Islands)

ECHO 28 :: Ability :: After having a bad bird flu, Liam gains Elven immunity from contagious illness / infections

ECHO 29 :: Memmory :: After Aaron tells Liam that they were in dark places together in their past lives, Liam remembers that Aaron was with him during the Balrog encounter. (Echo 13)

ECHO 30 :: Memory :: After Lazerus mentions that "not all of us are becoming immortals" Liam remembers that Elves are immortal, that they do not age passed maturity, (but they CAN die of injury/poison.)

ECHO 31 :: TIER 2 :: Ability :: Elven agility, Elven Stamina (PLOT ECHO London Lights, 2/25)

ECHO 32 :: TIER 2 :: Item + Ability :: Arod, Legolas' horse, and the ability to ride bareback Elven style. (PLOT ECHO Santarem Lights, 3/15)

ECHO 33 :: Memory :: After Arnold recites the Oath of Fëanor, Liam gains the knowledge that the oath was taken by kinslayers, with a vague icky AHH BAD NO reaction to the oath/kinslayers, (but does not specifically know that Arnold was one of them) ((note: ICly, Arnold admitted to being a Kinslayer.))

ECHO 43 :: Ability :: 2nd half of animal communication: Animals will understand Liam when he speaks to them. (PLOT ECHO Hair in London Underground)

ECHO 44 :: Memory :: After this conversation, Liam remembers seeing the riders of Rohan. Particularly this exchange.

"There was a silence in the empty fields, and Gimli could hear the air moving in the grass. 'Riders!' cried Aragorn, springing to his feet. 'Many riders on swift steeds are coming towards us!' 'Yes,' said Legolas, 'there are one hundred and five. Yellow is their hair, and bright are their spears. Their leader is very tall.' Aragorn smiled. 'Keen are the eyes of the Elves,' he said." (Realizes that Gimli was with them.)

ECHO 45 :: Memomry :: After Feivel mentioned the Noldor in a conversation about past lives and parents, Liam now knows that Legolas' heritage was not Noldorin.

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