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StE IC Contact

[[Note if email, personal phone call, or text message in the subject line.]]

"Hey, you've got Liam.
Leaf me a message and I'll get bark to you!"
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Hey, I think I found out something about Titania I thought you should know. It might give you an echo.
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Informative echo? I recalled something about her job as a jailer. Apparently, she was a Captain of the Guard. I guess that made her sort of important?

[She isn't bragging about her past self's position. Especially since she still has the impression that no matter how high up the chain of command Titania had been, she still answered to him.]
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[personal profile] sylvanguard 2014-07-29 03:30 am (UTC)(link) that a good holy crap or a bad holy crap.

[As in is she in trouble?]
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Sorry! I didn't mean to. I guess I was a little excited.

[She does sound contrite at least.]
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I don't know... even with my rank I feel like outranked me even then.

[Which is so odd to say now since Liam is the last person she thinks outranks her now.]
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[That gets a moment of long drawn out silence.]

Yeah well I guess it gives us a chance to better figure out who and what we were back int he day... its also a good thing we're not who we were back then.

[Because it is not happening dude. Not unless he is a hell of a lot less derp.]