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StE IC Contact

[[Note if email, personal phone call, or text message in the subject line.]]

"Hey, you've got Liam.
Leaf me a message and I'll get bark to you!"
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[And then she gets a sudden idea.]

Wait... is it his past self that bothers you? You know him being a dwarf?
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Remember who he was is not who he is. Same goes for us.

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[She rubs at her face a moment sighing.] I don't know. It shouldn't matter now but this might be something we need to sort out sooner rather than later.

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Not everyone, just you and I. We already know we worked together before so that's a start... Hey maybe it's because they were our prisoners?
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Even if they had [And her tone did not lend credence to that thought,] it isn't something they've done now. You have to keep those things separate. But anyway. Any ideas on what we can do to to try and help our memories along for less surprises?
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Friday the 27th and coming back on the 7th. We're driving.
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[you know that look? The one where Ariel looks fairly hostile? Yeah you're getting that look.]

Dude I know you. You never have plans. You're going to have to live without you chauffeur for a few days.
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I am sorry that this is last minute but since it's to Vegas both of us decided we didn't want everyone freaking out about us going and getting hitched or something while we were there.
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... No. I'm going for my birthday and to recruit any new talent from Vegas for my dad.
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Yeah... Well I'm not used to having friends so that really is my bad.
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Was going to leave before rush hour hits. But if this isn't enough time we'll leave later.
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Eight thirty is fine dude. Makes us leave after rush hour which is fine I can sleep in then.
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Of course I will. Just remember I will be on the road for hours at a time.

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